SJ tutorials has always helped me to get my each and every concepts clear and because of it I could perform better in my academics. In today's world Hard Work is important but 'Smart Hard Work' is a necessity. Professors not only restrict to syllabus but also give knowledge which is complimenting to our studies. I was lucky that my degree foundation was with SJ tutorials

- Dhruvi Patwa

Being a student and an intern as well I've learnt so much from prof Harshit Shah. I've encountered many teachers in my life but unfortunately only few of them are keen into guiding and taking you till the end goal of your life. You've been that one and only mentor throughout this journey and I am sure you will be there for the rest of it.No matter whatever stage I reach, won't forget from where I started.

- Ananya Sharma

After weeks of pondering about what classes i should take for CA Final, i finally found the apt one. At SJ/Pursuit, the portion was done thoroughly and also well in advance of my exams. Post that both harshit and naresh sir were always available for doubts. Tests for all the subjects were conducted, and extra lectures were taken to solve any remaining doubts. Because of our collective efforts i was able to secure an exemption in Advanced management accounting which helped me in getting the aggregate score required for clearing CA Final. I would recommend others to join Pursuit, so that they can ‘pursuit’ their academic goals.

- Aman Saraf

Pursuit Tutorials has been a superb learning experience, in terms of both course related and out of course learning. Our professors also played the crucial role of career counsellors from time to time. Encouragement and motivation spirit is as though a system-driver when it comes to "Pursuit Tutorials".Consistent assessments conducted, made us worry less during exams. Doubts-related approachability is fantastic.Common issues faced by students are addressed in ways beyond imagination. A new venture, named "Leap Up" was started by our professors to especially address few common issues like public speaking, securities market understanding, real time investing in forwards and futures, etc. While the professors got time off such serious work, they also took efforts to organise a cricket tournament across all batches which turned out to be a huge success. To sum it all up.. Pursuit Tutorials is a great blend of fun and studies!!

- Shonit jolly

SJ Tutorials : as the tagline itself suggests services are being delivered in the most simqple way which can enhance the knowledge of the students in the best possible manner. The faculty Harshit sir, Nipun sir are always updated, unique in their own way that helps students to get a holistic development . It is best platform to learn anything related to finance right from the base and excel , i had learnt everything from here and currently able to get into NMIMS persuing Msc. Finance because of the support and teaching i got from sir. Its a perfect place to learn and develop financial skills

- Shubhangi Jain, TYBMS

Being Harshit's very first student, I can proudly say "We started out at the bottom, now we're here!"A few years back, his lectures started at the breakfast table and now they have expanded to two centers in Bombay, graduating more than 1000 students.Haven taken his class for CS Professional and CA Final, I can say without a doubt his teaching and guidance has been of immense help throughout my academic career. With their sights set at providing quality teaching, I see Harshit and his team scaling new heights in the teaching industry. There are very few teachers out there who would honestly want their students to excel, and not just make money. Unquestionably, Harshit is one of the few!

- Kevin

I have done my CA final from SJ and have had an enriching experience. SJ Tutorials is not just class where the professor comes and empties out his knowledge and leaves, here the professors make actual efforts by simplifying the most complex concepts and explain them in 'abc' format so that everyone can grasp as well as remember it. This shows how much their tagline means to them and they care for the students. I thank them for all the support and role they have played in getting me the CA tag.

- Pranav Raval

A stellar experience! Harshit and co. are the biggest contributors to whom I attribute my success to in the CA Final exam. Unparalleled expertise and motivation, coupled with personalisation is what gives S.J. Tutorials a competitive edge over the alternatives. Studying with S.J Tutorials was a truly satisfying experience and their modern approach to teaching is the defining factor between success and failure.

- Sheel Shah

Pursuit Academy has been an integral part of my success. Probably this is the only place where the teachers ensure that the students understand the concepts thoroughly & wouldn’t mind solving doubts 20 to 30 times. They not only indulge in grooming you academically but also professionally. Here I truly understood what a mentor is. I cannot thank Pursuit Academy enough for this.

- Riya Sanghvi

It was through SJ tutorials I was able to secure 3rd rank in college. The professors here are very friendly and approachable. Due to small batch size, each one of us could get special attention and doubts could be sovled quickly and that has helped us alot in our studies. The test series conducted in class was very help full during exam time.

- Dimple Randeria

Happy Memories
This is specifically not for SJ Tutorials but for you as a person, teacher and a friend. Since the first lecture at till the class at SJ has been a happy place where we didn’t only learn a lot of things from you and other wonderful professors at SJ but also had lots of fun playing games, teasing each other and playing around. SJ has been the best place to learn with the Best Mentor and also to gather the best of Memories.

- Kanika Vora

At SJ, we have always learnt to prepare for the worst be it CA level practice tests or “Harshit Sir’s” very own Angry Emotion. Sir your tips and tricks have always been different and successful. You your team are truly an Inspiration. Thank you so much. I wish you all the success and happiness.

- Madhav Agarwal (BAF) 2015-16

All in One Adda My journey at SJ began in SYBAF, Which was a wonderful one. I say that this place is “All in one adda” because it’s been from its highs to lows, everything. From eating frankie to teasing Harsh or bullying him to girl power to having private classes to serious relationship advices, it’s given me all. An Opportunity to get close to my classmates and learning qualities of multitasking from Harshit Sir. I thank you for this small and memorable journey at SJ Tutorials.

- Kinjal Dasoni

To the Coolest professor ever Thank You for making 7am lectures fun and solving my silliest last minute doubts! (Even 10min before the exam). I feel lucky to be taught by a teacher so friendly and understanding. Thank you for making Simplex Simple !!

- Shraddha (BMS) 2016

Something you told me in the first year was true. “You will miss NM when its gone” Cant help but accept that I really do miss college. You always made me realize that finding what you love and doing that will keep you in the long run. I owe every bit of this kind of attitude to you. Thank you for always being there and guiding me.

- Aishwarya Iyer